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The King Power "Special One" was unveiled at Baselworld 2014. It is a 48mm diameter case made in titanium (250 pieces) or King Gold (100 pieces). It has a unique carbon-fibre bezel with dark blue and carbon-fibre accents. The alligator-leather strap and rubber inserts for push-buttons, crown, and counters are the same color. Mourinho's signature is stamped across the case back, in case you were unsure who this is.

Mourinho's management style is well-known and anyone who knows him will know that the manhimself was involved in the creation of the watch thatbearshisname, the King Power "Special One".top replica watches It wasn't as easy as picking a Richard Mille Replica Watches model and adding his signature to it. "No, it took time and trialling and thinking about what I like in termsof the size, the weight, the colours,thematerials. Richard Mille Replica Watches's guys and I worked together to decide everything step-by-step. Blue was important and mywatch was the first to have blue carbon. It also had to be relevant to my job. The chrono function is something I absolutely require.

Mourinho was an excellent partner in design, due to his meticulous eye and years of experience buying watches. He also has the desire to create the perfect watch. "Watches have been a passion of mine all my life. I was unable to afford good watches, so I hadto wait until a moment when I could start managing my business and earn a decent salary. I remember that moment when I won my first UEFA Cup Final and I bought a greatwatch as a way to celebrate.

Mourinho has a complicated relationship with time. He says that ideally,IWC Aquatimer Replica he would have at least 30 hours in his day to get everything done. He shrugs, "Twenty-four hour is just not enough." I wake up at 7 o’clock in the morning, get to work at 8 p.m., and return home at 5 p.m. Then, I have to finish everything by the end of the day: family, friends, study, sleep. I need to make a cut somewhere. Family is the most important thing andI can't afford to take time from work. Also, I have to study to analyze my day and plan for the next. I usually miss my rest time - but I compensate by working on other days."

Luckily it is easy for Mourinho to keep track of his time as today he owns manytimepieces, ranging from dress watches throughtohugechronographs.But for the past five years his passionhasbeenforsports pieces. Mourinho is wearing his personal King Power "Special One" on the day of our meeting.

He also "put it away", which he does quite often. Some people keep medals or this or that. Many players keep their shirt or boots. It was the watch that I was wearing, or the pen I used to write my notes during the game. This is not a superstition, but it's a way to keep the moment in my mind. ThewatchIam I am wearing wins a final championship.

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