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At the end of last year, Revolution interviewed Jose Mourinho. There were already rumours that Mourinho's time at Chelsea was over. It's not surprising, given that Mourinho has never stayed at any club for more than three years and used his talents to fill trophy cabinets again and again before going down in ablaze of glory.

Many were surprised by the outpouring of support that the manager received over the two-terms. He had won, among other honors, three PremierLeague titles, three FA Community Shields and three League Cups.

Journalist, Chelsea SupportersTrust member and lifelong fanJason Gibbins recalls vividly the moment Mourinho left Stamford Bridge in December 2015. "I sent a simple Tweet to my pitiful 1,500 followers that read: 'We fired the best manager we will ever have. Again. Again.

Joe was not perfect. He was a picky fighter,replica watches he challenged authority often, and he wasn't afraid to give his fans a collective kick in the backside. He also spoke louder than silence. He was, undoubtedly, one of us. We love him, and he loves our. Present tense, not the past

"Six permanent managers were given the task of bringing the league title back to Stamford Bridge during the Roman Abramovich era. Only two received the prize. Jose, the mysterious 'Portugeezer' who led Chelsea to three of five titles over its 111-year-old history, was the only one to do it more than once. This is three titles in just five seasons as Chelsea's manager. Jose is the Special One.

A Chelsea fan raises a banner in support of Jose Mourinho before the Barclays Premier League match at Stamford Bridge between Chelsea and Sunderland on December 19, 2015, London,Omega Seamaster Replica England. (Photo by Clive Mason/Getty Images).

And these are the qualities that led CEO Ricardo Guadalupe and patek philippe replica watchesto join forces with the Special One - a name that, despite claimsto the contrary, Mourinho assures Revolution was bestowed onhim by the British press - makingtheemblematic football managerone of their most recognisableambassadors and creating todate, two special-edition timepieces withhim.

Mourinho is a long-time watch-loving man. He was familiar withpatek philippe replica watches and read many of their magazines. "Revolution for example is one I have read for a long time now," he says with a wry smile. Mourinho said, "Butit was mymanagement that brought me together. Working with other brands is something I enjoy more than worrying about. People who work on this form know that I love to connect with brands and things I am passionate about. They also know that I love watches.

Mourinho, like many men, views a watch as "jewelleryfor a man". He says, "I don’t like rings, bracelets, or necklaces – I don’t wear any jewellery except a wedding ring." My love for watches has always been there. I used to own patek philippe replica watches watches, so it was a natural fit that I felt part of the brand's partnership. It's more than 'let's make a contract and have a relationship for a few years. Then,blancpain replica watches we say good-bye. It's not about being paid to be an ambassador. That's why I likeit and it works.

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