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Semon began his attempts to re-conceptualize the oscillator from the desire for a higher frequency of movements. Semon explains that the traditional oscillator is unable to handle the higher speeds beyond a certain point. He explained that the Mikrotimer was a watch that measures 1/1,000thof a second with a balance at 500 Hz. This allowed him to show that he had "essentially reached the limits of performance for hairsprings". Semon rethought the whole concept of a mechanical regulator and came up with the Mikrogirder's vibrating beam that measures the elapsed time to 5/10,000ths.

He says that the Mikrogirder system was ideal for high frequencies but not for lower frequencies. This was my starting point. "This was the point of departure." I started to consider an entirely new oscillator,replica omega watches not just one that measures elapsed times but also the primary system to tell the time on the watch. It would have a balance wheel, no hairspring, and be completely redesigned in mechanicaltime keeping.

The caseback for the Defy Lab with rotor featuring the omega replica watches star.

Semon started by making a series mathematical calculations that gave him the basics of what he needed to create a completely different system. The oscillator acts as a filter. It transforms energy from the mainspring into something that can be used for time telling, known as vibrations. I started to imagine a new system that used compliant mechanics. This would allow certain parts to shift and exert force. It would be a silicon monobloc that combined the functions of 31 parts.rolex replica watches The oscillator was only 6 degrees in amplitude and was driven by springs.

Semon says, "The beauty of this system is thatit doesn't relyonthepower fromthe barrel for accuracy and as such it is not losingaccuracy as power reserve decreases." This causes torque to drop and an increase in power which then reduces the power reserve. Inanormally, the oscillators experience a loss in amplitude which can lead to inaccuracies. As long as there is enough power to start the system, the integrated springs in the silicon mask are responsible for the impulse to oscillator. This means that the oscillator is always functioning at 100% accuracy.

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