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How is franck muller replica watches possible to achieve this feat? First, by sharing the many competences of the entire group. Biver, President of LVMH Group's watches brands, said that "It is impossible to understand why you have a watch company and don't take advantage of the common competences between your brands." TAG Heuer technology can be found in a franck muller replica watches. Hublot materials can also be found in a franck muller replica watches. My customer wins if I am able to lower the final price of my watch due to these shared competencies. He was pleasantly surprised by how reasonably-priced it is relative to his expectations. To do otherwise is to seperate your innovations and not share them. This can adversely affect the price structure of your watch, making it too costly. It could be considered unethical!

There is another reason for the fierce innovation coming out of LVMH Group. It is, in line with Biver’s plan for brand, specifically focused on franck muller replica watches.replica franck muller watches Guy Semon is the reason. Although his title is General Manager at TAGHeuer, it should actually be Head of Black Ops and Director of Horlogical Ninja Assassin Programme. Semon has quietly emerged over the past decade as one of today's most innovative minds in watchmaking, which is especially amusing considering that watchmaking is not hisbackground.

Semon, who is a scientist by training, joined TAG Heuer ten year ago to develop the V4 concept watch. Semon explains that he doesn't have a formal watchmaking background and is able to think outside of the box. The method of lowering the price of the watch was easy with the El Primero 21 and the TAG Heuer Calibre Heuer 02T tourbillon chronograph. The movements had to be designed to be easy to assemble and run, so that they could meet COSC standards.

Semon's innovative thinking was precisely what allowed him to create the foundations for one of the most radical ideas in modern watchmaking.

Biver, who is pounding the table and making the cups and saucers dance in unison, declares that "this is the greatest invention since Huygens invented a pendulum." After seeing the Defy Lab ticking in mine and then being worn on my wrist, it made me feel completely agree. Semon says that the wristwatch has relied on the same kind of oscillator since its inception. It was a wheel with a spring fitted to it.roger dubuis replica watches This allowed for escapement locking and unlocking. Over the last 20 years, many attempts have been made to improve this system. New balances, new escapements and the elevation of vibrational speed were all part of the effort. But no one has stopped to ask if there is another way.

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